Every business has a different requirement for how their ID cards need to be displayed. It may be an extension of brand, a quick visual identifier, or simply the requirement to hold a card external to clothing or a wallet.

Identity People provide a wide range of options on card holders, lanyards, retractable card reels, clips and lapels.

Made from high quality materials and readily available talk to us today and find out what makes us different to your existing supplier.

Do you want custom lanyards?

Improve you branding and corporate image with customised lanyards and retractable card reels.

Incorporate your corporate logo’s and colours to stand out from crowd. Customised product also makes it easier to identify who is a staff member, contractor or visitor. Discuss with us today and hear some ideas on how with some slight customisation can make a big difference.

We can also match products and designs you may already have. Talk to us today about how we can offer a better product, better price and all round better customer experience.

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