ID Card Holders & Lanyards

Every business has a different requirement for how their ID cards need to be displayed. Often the main requirement is so the ID card is easily identifiable by staff and visitors alike.
Many businesses use it as an opportunity to extend brand identity by using a custom lanyard or custom badge reel.

We provide a wide range of options; ID card holders, lanyards, retractable reels, clips and lapels. Made from high quality materials, readily available and competitive prices – find out what makes us different to your existing supplier.

Staff with photo ID Cards and Holders

A Full Range of Customisable Accessories are Available

While our high quality off the shelf ID Card Holders, Clips and ID Lanyards are perfect for many organisations. We know that there is not always a one size fits all scenario. A large number of our customers use customised lanyards, badge reels with logos and different ID Card Holders than what we typically have on display. 

You will find Identity People to be extremely knowledgable when it comes to custom ID accessories. Get in touch with us today and let us help you Identify Your People.