Fargo HDP5000 Plastic ID Card Printer

  • Exceptionally High Quality Print
  • Complete Edgeless Printing 
  • Optimised for printing onto Smart / Access Control Cards
  • Add On options including: Dual Sided printing, Magnetic Encoding, Smart Card Encoding, Lamination modules
  • 3 Year Warranty

Using the Fargo HDP5000 you can expect superior print quality, higher reliability, durability, and, greater security The HDP5000 ID card printer and encoder is both an affordable and very versatile option for ReTransfer card printing. High Definition Printing (HDP) gives you a superior print quality, even on smart or technology cards with embedded electronics and components.

High Definition ReTransfer card printing is availiable to almost any business with the cost effectiveness and reliability of the HDP5000 card printer. Backed with a lifetime printhead warranty and three-year warranty on everything else, customer have peace of mind when purchasing.

A very versatile modular design allows change as your business needs change. Dual card input hopper, double sided printing, single- or dual-sided lamination and smart card encoding options are all field-upgradeable features.

Printing consumables come in cartridges that load quickly and easily, meaning very little training is required. The enhanced HDP5000 card printer is truly feature-packed. Perfect for smart cards with embedded technology and components