High Definition Printing For Maximum Quality and Secure ID Cards



High Definition Printing (HDP) provides users with maximum quality and security. Also known as Re-Transfer or Reverse Image Printing, HDP offers the highest quality of print available in ID card printing.

The traditional Direct to Card approach prints directly onto the card surface. HDP ID Card Printers print onto the the clear HDP transfer film. This film is then applied over the card surface and edges of the card. Re-Transfer printing results is no white edges on your printed cards, less impact of imperfections in the card surface and a crisper sharper print.

High Definition Print Film

Adding Security Features to HDP Film

You can add holograms to you identification cards to provide a layer of high secure visual security. Including ultraviolet text and images to the hologram design, covert security features can also be added. Add these customised security elements to the transfer film and removes the need for additional hardware. You don’t need any additional lamination equipment to apply the ReTransfer HDP film.

When comparing HDP holograms with those on over-laminates, HDP has several advantages. Attempts to manipulate data on an HDP film results in it being damaged so that it cannot be repaired or reused. Over-laminates require a separate laminating station for applying the hologram. This results in additional hardware costs and maintenance.

HDP Printers add security to the credential, reduce hardware costs while at the same time having amazing picture quality.

HDP Film is Tamper Proof and Durable

Independent security testing performed on three different holographic cards:

  1. A card printed with direct-to-card printing and laminated with a 0.6 mil holographic polyester patch
  2. A card printed with direct-to-card printing and laminated with holographic thermal thin film
  3. A card printed using High Definition Printing.

Testing showed that when it came to resistance to solvents, water based reagents, physical attacks and light bleaching, the HDP film card came out as the best of all the alternatives. While vulnerable to physical attacks, the printed image is removed along with the film thereby making counterfeiting it next to impossible.

HDP film has medium durability among the three tested for resistance against abrasion.

In conclusion it can be said that though abrasion is an important factor, holographic HDP film provides more secure cards than direct to card printing, and is either comparable or better.