Proximity Card being swiped
Proximity cards came about as a more convenient and more secure replacement to magnetic swipe cards for electronic access control. HID Proximity cards provided a more secure access solution and a more convenient user experience. Contactless Proximity Technology How do these cards prox work? Basically, the card is a low-power radio transmitter which sends a code to the reader. The
Plastic ID Card being inspected
The Importance of High Quality Photo ID Cards We live in a world that requires a good deal of security for businesses. Whether your business is in finance, education, hospitality, healthcare, or government, security is a top priority. The use of photo ID cards is an important component to ensure the safety and security of a business from theft, impersonation,
Considering a Cheap ID Card Printer
Purchasing a photo ID card printer makes a lot of sense for many industries. We often get asked questions like “What is a good, cheap ID card printer?”. When looking for a card printer should price be the only concern? There are a very things to consider along with ‘Cheap’Many companies are discovering that security for their business is now
Employee ID Badge being presented
Staff ID Badges and Cards Whether you are in the security industry, government, healthcare, or the corporate world, having a high-quality staff ID card is critical. Not only are ID cards used to identify the employee, They can even give electronic access to a building. Often these staff ID cards are combined with a HID proximity card. Here are 4 tips
DataCard Plastic Card Printers
DataCard ID Card Printers Entrust DataCard are a specialist manufacturer of Desktop and high volume card printer systems. DataCard ID Card printers come in a variety of models each with their unique advantages and features. Including a new push for Eco Friendliness. The Go Green push from Entrust Datacard has seen them use recyled plastics in their printers. They have
Reduce costs with Half Panel Ribbons
We often get asked by clients 'How can I save on printing costs?' For many clubs and businesses photo ID cards are a requirement. Many use a full colour ribbon to print a photo onto pre-printed card stock. These ribbons can get pretty expensive when you need to print a large number of cards. A question we hear a lot
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