November 30, 2017


Staff ID Badges and Cards Whether you are in the security industry, government, healthcare, or the corporate world, having a high-quality staff ID card is critical. Not only are ID cards used to identify the employee, They can even give electronic access to a building. Often these staff ID cards are combined with a HID proximity card. Here are 4 tips
We often get asked by clients 'How can I save on printing costs?' For many clubs and businesses photo ID cards are a requirement. Many use a full colour ribbon to print a photo onto pre-printed card stock. These ribbons can get pretty expensive when you need to print a large number of cards. A question we hear a lot
Why is it Important to have Secure ID Cards?It’s estimated that over 90% of ID card inspections are undertaken visually in the field. Visual inspections or checks are most often the primary and definitely the first investigation and validation of an ID document.Decisions to validate or perform a secondary inspection are typically based on the outcome of the visual document
DBond MIFARE Cards HID Global’s new DBond™ card production technology provides a higher quality, flatter MIFARE cards. With DBond, we are able to provide our customers with a very robust, powerful card that has a flatter, higher quality card surface. What Is DBond?Direct bonding (DBond) refers to the method of connecting an RFID antenna directly to the microchip without using